Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is from the newsletter I get from the TN Democratic Party. Thought some of you would be interested in this. You might not realize that the Tea Party Nation is holding a convention in Nashville next weekend. That's all we need - Sarah Palin and other misguided wingnuts in town.

Nashville Tea Party convention falling apart
Two of the convention's scheduled speakers, Republican Congresswomen Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, have bailed out of the Feb. 4-6 event. Both claimed the House Ethics Committee advised them against attending the convention, organized by the for-profit entity Tea Party Nation.

  • Most Tea Party activists claim they are part of a grassroots movement advocating less government. Multiple media reports have linked the movement, however, to vested corporate interests and prominent Republicans like former Congressman Dick Armey of Texas, who has lobbied on behalf of some of the biggest corporations in America.
  • Tea Party Nation is led by Franklin attorney Judson Phillips, who has reportedly had past financial problems including a bankruptcy and federal tax liens.
  • It appears the Tea Party movement has been duped by a bunch of greedy and extremely partisan Republicans trying to co-opt the movement and use it to feather their own nests and fund their deceitful campaigns.
  • Most Republicans, including Bachmann and Blackburn, supported the very measures of the previous White House administration that got us in this economic mess in the first place. In fact, we went from record budget surpluses during the Clinton and Gore administration to record deficits under the Bush and Cheney administration.
  • Phillips and his organization have been criticized about the event's $549 ticket prices and limited media access, as well as a reported $100,000 speaking fee for the keynote speaker, former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Palin has indicated she plans to attend despite Blackburn and Bachmann's abrupt pull outs, as well as that of several sponsors.


froggy said...

Ouch! $549! They kind of missed the point.

Bob said...

Of course it's falling apart, it's a movement built on sand and lies.

Going down.

Beth said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the coverage. Should be fun! >:]