Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting Back to Abby-Normal

I got behind reading and commenting on blogs during the last week. Since I heard about my ex-husband's death, I stressed out about the weather prediction and did my best to get ready for Brendan to be here. I drove Brian crazy during a time he definitely didn't need any extra stress since he was dealing with not only his father's death but had an important deadline at work. We needed a contingency plan in case the snow got here, so fortunately I emailed him about that and wasn't that much in touch until the next two days. We got things worked out, and I felt better as soon as Brian was OK with everything. It will take time, and he's doing pretty well.


Howard said...

Hope all goes well.

Bob said...

Sorry to hear about that Joy. hope everything works out okay for all of you.

Gwyn said...

So sorry Joy.