Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rosier Outlook

Thanks for all those compliments!  I wasn't really fishing but caught some anyway.  :-)  Guess I was having a moment, but sometimes we just do. 

We have a dusting of snow here, and it's so cold that the roads are slick and icy.  It's that black ice mostly that's hard to see.  I had to go out in the windy cold to get some prescriptions and groceries. 

I've decided to get back to cooking more.  I've lost my touch with cornbread and love it, so I'm motivated to get that skill back.  The kind I like is cornbread cooked in a cast iron skillet in the oven.  Or those cornbread sticks.  I don't have one of those pans, but my daughter Kathy does and makes delicious cornbread.  Anyway, I'm going to fix a pot roast and then go from there with stew.  To do this, I'm going to buy a new crock pot since the one I have is an antique.  It will be gone soon to Goodwill. 

Once again my train of thought has derailed, but you should be used to that by now. 

Happy New Year from Bernice!  :-)


Sam said...
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Sam said...

I turn to food, I mean you. So you've made a complete 360, great to read this.
Food/cooking has always comforted me and brought me happiness

Bob said...

I love cornbread and always use the cast iron skillet to make it!!

froggy said...

The Engineer made some for New Year's Day. said...

I bought my first cast iron skillet just last week. We have backhard hens so we're always looking for recipes that use eggs. I'm learning to make frittatas in the pan.

Now I'll have to investigate corn bread. (I hope it's easy!)

Joy said...

If you take care of cast iron cookware, it will last for generations. You have to season them first and keep them dry. They can withstand open fire, grills, and ovens of course and are great for many things. Excellent link here just in case: