Thursday, January 26, 2012


Jackie and I have figured out how elections should be run instead of the marathon it is now.  The entire process should last for six months - campaigning and all.  The dollar people send from tax returns can be doled out to the candidates - $1 million each.  No pacs, no super pacs, no donations, that's it.  TV should give each candidate the same amount of time for ads and cover it under public service announcements or whatever.  The Electoral College is banished, and registered voters have a card used to vote anywhere in the country that they are on election day.  This eliminates absentee ballots.  Arrangements can be made for those unable to get out and vote.  The voting machines are similar to ATM machines, and ID is shown at the election centers before voting.  It's all in a national database.  Polls are open at the same time and adjusted to time zones.  That way the results are announced at the same time nationally. 

What do you think?  


froggy said...

The tv networks would poop a brick! And the states.

Sam said...

Love it!!!

Kailyn said...

Friggin brilliant.