Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looking Back Longingly

Things I miss (in no particular order):

My waist


The teacher's lounge - the camaraderie, fun, and conversation

Playing board games with family and friends

Being young and cute

Good health

Painless back


Wearing heels and dresses 

Well, this is getting depressing, so I'll stop now.  This took a turn I wasn't expecting.  A lot of getting old sucks, though.  I realize I can do something about some of the things on this list and will work on that.  Betty White and my mother are amazing.  My mother does everything right and has been blessed with good health as a result of good habits and activity.  She's 91 and still drives where she feels comfortable, goes out and about, does housework and cooks, and keeps up with what's going on.  I have good genes but haven't taken good care of them.  Sometimes I wish I could rewind and have a do-over.  Enjoy it all while you have it, y'all! 


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Have you seen the trailer for Betty White's new NBC show, "Off their Rockers?" Looks like a hoot!

David Dust said...

I'm feeling the exact same way tonight - a little bit melancholy. We must be reading each other's minds.

BTW - you're still cute, that's never going to change.


Sylvia K said...

Ah, reality! I could surely do without it these days!! Great post and thanks for the giggles - they were needed this evening!


froggy said...

Goals! I haz goals!

Bob said...

Yeah, the cute thing you still got in spades!
I say ignore the rest and focus on the positive!

Sam said...

Do you really miss wearing high heels and dresses? The pantyhose and bra? Slip?
Joy. You are a firecracker! Cute as a bug! You under estimate yourself.
I feel you have tons of stamina and energy. You get around better than so many much much younger than you. You still speak your mind and haven't reverted to the I'm old and must act old.
I know these things first hand.
The teachers lounge has been replaced by blogger and Facebook. Game boards have become castleville
And last but not least. You can keep up with your Grandchild!!!!
I think your just amazing. said...

A "do-over" sometimes sounds nice. I'd make fewer mistakes but, hopefully, I'd end up in the same place. I like it here.

And, as I approach 50, I'm learning that I want to savor every moment, get memories instead of "stuff" and make sure the people that matter to me know how much I love them.

You can still take care of your genes.

Call your mother, right now, and tell her that you love her.

mrs.missalaineus said...

i miss that i never got to teach with you!

when i think of the word 'dynamo' i think of you!


Joy said...

Thank you, MMA. I wish we had, too. Dynamo? New one ... thanks for that compliment! :-)

Joy said...

Thanks everyone! I was having a moment, I guess. Appreciate all the compliments. It helps.

Btw, I cherish and appreciate every day I have with my mother. We have always known how much we love each other and say it, too. :-)

Excellent points there, Tug!! You know just what to say.

No, I didn't know Betty White has a new show, G. I'm sure it will be a hoot.