Saturday, January 7, 2012


My first thought when I wake up is, "What day is it?"  After I sort that out and the fog begins to lift, I think about appointments and/or plans I've made for the day.  It's definitely better than waking up to an alarm clock and rushing into the shower and off to work.  I did enjoy teaching but have done that.  I don't even have any part-time jobs now and embrace a life of leisure. 

Some of the things I've enjoyed doing and will continue to do are:

Reading for pleasure.

Meeting friends for lunch in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY DURING THE WEEK!!


Relaxing and enjoying Sunday nights.

Staying up and sleeping late since I'm a natural night owl.

Being available to see my children and grandchildren more often.

Not grading papers!

Having a rotator cuff that has healed now that I don't write on the board and carry a heavy book bag every day.

Dressing comfortably.

Not worrying about what I say.  (It's a teacher thing.)

Taking up new hobbies.

Auditing classes at universities free.

Shopping, running errands, visiting during week days.  

Doing what I want to.

And then there's this wonderful freedom ...


froggy said...

Was actually talking to Daughter about that - watching what you say (to students and staff and parents).
She is thinking about going back to school for teaching degree and going overseas to teach.
I remember making an appointment to talk to next year's teachers about GB and his dyslexia/SLD. They always looked like deer in the headlights when I came in. I think they were thinking, 'is she going to be one of *those* mothers...?' I'm happy to say we were all firm friends while they were GB's teachers. I NEVER understood why mothers would verbally abuse their child's teacher, this person who is in charge of your child 5-6 hours a day. (off soap box now xoxoxox)

Beth said...

My experience has been very similar to yours! Isn't it wonderful to not feel that pressure?

Miss Ginger Grant said...


mistress maddie said...

Auntie Flame I really enjoyed this post! I sometimes wonder if I were real wealthy would I work? I used to think yes, because I feared of being bored, but I now think no, because there is so much to see and do all the time it seems! I love what I do for a living though, but still, it would be nice to sleep to all hours! Im like you are a night owl. When on vacations or days off or on weekends, I'm always up late like you. I love sleeping late. You also have a great outlook which is nice. When my dad retired he went down hill quick because he was so used to working. Love the list of things you enjoy and the bra comment.......priceless!!!!


mrs.missalaineus said...

i can not wait to retire....


Big Mark 243 said...

A teacher friend said that their goal was to RETIRE when they finished teacher. Most of his contemporaries were out 'active' in this and volunteering for that... he wanted none of it...

Congrats on your teaching... be well..!