Thursday, August 25, 2011

Queen Mother

My mother is going to be Grand Marshal of the Charlotte Festival parade Saturday.  HERE is an article about it.  My hometown where she still lives is very small, as you can tell from this article.  I'll try to post some pictures after the weekend.  Brian and Brendan are coming to it, and Brendan will spend the night with me Saturday night.

Mother said that sounded like a male title, so I told her she was Queen of the Festival.  She's 91 and will ride in a car in the parade.  She didn't know of any other duties expected of her.  She's amazing!  I won't ever make it to 91, and if I do, no way will I be in the shape she's in.  I never have been!  She's always worked circles around me.  Her mind is still sharp and so is her humor.  I'm really fortunate to have such a fab mother!!  


David Dust said...

That is awesome!!!!!

All hail the Queen Mum!!


froggy said...

How fun!!!