Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arlo Guy

Yesterday I was grocery shopping and saw a guy who looked like Arlo Guthrie about a decade ago.  I wanted to take his picture so I could send it to my son and say, "Hey!  Arlo Guthrie is at Kroger!" but restrained myself.  After I put my groceries in the car and returned the cart, I noticed the shopping carts were jammed and spilling into the parking lot in the way of cars, so I started fixing them.  The Arlo Guy came up and joined in.  We discussed the mess and how some people don't even take their carts to the designated places and leave them to run into cars.  Yes, we felt superior.  Oh the fun we had!

Then as we were leaving, I told him I'd wanted to ask if I could take his picture when we were inside and told him why.  He said so many people tell him he looks like Arlo Guthrie.  We mentioned "Alice's Restaurant" and "The Motorcycle Song"  and how some people don't know who Arlo Guthrie is.  Sort of condescending but enjoyable.  Then he told me I could take his picture if I wanted to.  So I whipped out my phone and sent the photo to Brian.  All in all a pleasant experience.  Brian is probably so glad he wasn't with me and in another situation where I embarrassed him.  It helped make him the fine man he is today, I'm sure.  Or at least it prepared him for Brendan. 

I'm sort of torn about posting that guy's picture on here but will do so hoping he doesn't know about it.  Close resemblance, huh?

Here's the real Arlo:

Here's the Arlo Guy:


froggy said...

Just don't find guys who look like Charles Manson!!
(Yes, we are old enough to know who Arlo Guthrie is and his father!

Beth said...

Yeah, he does look like Arlo! I recall having a mild crush on Arlo Guthrie. I liked his long curly hair.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad he was a good sport.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

what a cool guy- isn't it nice when you have a shared moment of humanity with someone :D


Bob said...

I think it's really him!

David Dust said...

Wow - they really do look alike.


Sam said...

Carbon copy. Joy, the iPhone stalker. Hehe.
I'm an idiot I have no idea who Arlo is. But if you know me well enough you know exactly where I'm headed when I open my next browser window.

Chris said...

you are too cute