Thursday, August 11, 2011


For the first time in 40 years there is a Republican majority in the TN state legislature, and they are taking full advantage of it.  They have already pulled a Wisconsin-type attack on teachers.  We had a Democrat for governor for the last two terms.  As you can see, we've mostly had Democratic governors for a long time.  Now we have Bill Haslam, Republican owner of the Pilot oil stations.

 Name           Term                Party         Life  State of Birth Occupation
Frank G. Clement January 15, 1953 – January 19, 1959 Democratic 1920–1969 TN Lawyer
Buford Ellington January 19, 1959 – January 15, 1963 Democratic 1907–1972 MS Farmer
Frank G. Clement January 15, 1963 – January 16, 1967 Democratic 1920–1969 TN Lawyer
Buford Ellington January 16, 1967 – January 16, 1971 Democratic 1907–1972 MS Farmer
Winfield Dunn January 16, 1971 – January 18, 1975 Republican b. 1927 MS Dentist
Ray Blanton January 18, 1975 – January 16, 1979 Democratic 1930–1996 TN Farmer, businessman
Lamar Alexander January 16, 1979 – January 17, 1987 Republican b. 1940 TN Lawyer, US Senator
Ned McWherter January 17, 1987 – January 21, 1995 Democratic 1930–2011 TN Businessman
Don Sundquist January 21, 1995 – January 18, 2003 Republican b. 1936 IL Businessman
Phil Bredesen January 18, 2003 – January 15, 2011 Democratic b. 1943 NJ Businessman
Bill Haslam January 15, 2011 – Present Republican b. 1958 TN Businessman

 Back in the day, Democrats were all we had for Senators and Congressmen, too.  Alas!  So now the Republicans are gerrymandering the districts, and it looks as if we'll be in the district that has Republican Marsha Blackburn!  Anyone who keeps up with politics has seen her in action.  The horror!!!!  She lives in Williamson County, the richest county in the state.  Here's the article in our local paper.

Provide your own captions!!  These two are variations on a theme.  Beavis and Butthead moment I'm having here or better known as a Maddie and Auntie Flame regular size-queen conversation when we are naughty!  

This photo was published in The Nashville Scene. And Blackburn's reaction? She said, “If only every member could get the Politico to run a picture of them when they were young, blond and 30.”


David Dust said...

I think I remember this trick from the last election. Didn't she provide "color commentary" after one of the Presidential debates???

I can sum up these photos in 2 words: Glam More.


Berry Blog said...

Fully expecting our Repub gov to do something similar. He's a thug at best.

mistress maddie said...

Did someone say size queen!?!