Thursday, July 14, 2011


And should you find this all very amusing, be thankful that you don’t have cherophobia, which is the obsessive dread of laughing to death. Isn’t it obvious by now? Your study of human psychology has been woefully lacking, a serious condition that we intend to remedy with the following useless course study.


froggy said...

I watched Dr. Drew and another imminent doctor type discuss Casey Anthony. The imminent doctor didn't think anything was wrong with her besides immaturity. Dr. Drew's jaw dropped and he was like all 'are you NUTS?' - basically. I found it amusing. I is probably goings to hells.

btb - all four of my nieces graduated from college. Niece #3 got a degree in psychology. We were all in mourning. What, oh what, would she do with this degree. Niece #3 just sold her share in a communications business she started with a partner for $500,000. She did well. xoxoxox

Joy said...

Your niece did very well!

Casey immature? Really?

Well, we'll all be on that train to hells with you! First class tickets!! LOL