Sunday, June 17, 2012

Survivor Trivia

During its debut 2000 season, the island location used for TV’s Survivor was a staging post for modern-day pirates. These pirates, with high-tech speedboats, used the remote island for international black marketeering. In retaliation for the invasion of their privacy by the Hollywood crew, several bad guys one day chased the show’s creator, Mark Burnett, in their speedboat. Burnett later said he feared he would be killed. No such luck.


the dogs mother said...

My mom used to watch that show. said...

I've never missed an episode of "Survivor". I still think it (along with "The Amazing Race") is one of the best "non scripted" programs on television.

Joy said...

Amazing Race wins the Emmy every year since they introduced the reality show category. I've never watched it or Survivor except for little bits now and then. Since Survivor gave us Elisabeth Hasselbek, I have big issues with them and harbor a grudge.