Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It's easy to understand why I never remarried after my divorce when you see these photos from dating sites.  I'd post some of them but don't want to have them on here!  Click to laugh in a horrified way. 

It's a cold world out there except for Maddie.  Then there are those of you in good relationships.  Hang on to them! 


Kailyn said...

And people have the audacity to ask why I am still single. Look at the photos. Really. That is the dating pool. And they're looking for some chick in her 20s or 30s on top of that.

mrs.missalaineus said...

my friend heather comes over and we gfo through the sites she's dating on for fun like that.

it's like shooting fish in a barrel-

i can't even begin to tell you all the fun i had 'fishing' before tony and i met. the best one i remember now is how some guy had 'sit at my face' in his profile and i sent him a grammar correction that read something like this' i'm not remotely interested in dating you, but you might want to know that the expression is 'sit on my face...


Bob said...

That is some scary stuff.

I do not miss being single.

David Dust said...

"OMG" is right - those are some scary pics!!!


Joy said...

And I don't miss dating! I've met men every way there is from school (when I was a student - that was the most available group of possibilities), to work, bars, through friends, blind dates, newspaper ads, online in chat rooms and dating sites, to just out there accidentally. Then I quit.

The wording in those ads!! Right, Kailyn, they are all looking for some delusional young hottie they don't have a chance with. The Man Mirror is a reality!!

MMA, yes, that is fun, and I love that correction you sent! LOL!

Bob, I know you appreciate Carlos, but checking this stuff out is definitely a reminder of what's out there.

Yes, DD, totally scary and grim!!

mistress maddie said...

OMG Auntie! I couldnt even get pass the first two! It was a offense to every delicacy of my nature. I send you a nice black man and he measures up!lol

Joy said...

As long as he's English!

Sam said...

What are you trying to say? LOL