Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DWTS 14 - Week 2

After a great beginning, I'm looking forward to this season.  Tonight started out even better!

Roshan's quickstep earned him two 9's and an 8 for a total of 26.  Chelsie choreographed a dance just suited to them.  Energetic and smooth!

Sherri's jive almost did her in, she said.  It was fun and exciting.  The judges loved it to the tune of 23 points same as last week.  Carrie Ann and Bruno are giving higher scores than Len by one point just like last week.  They danced to "Proud Mary" and really moved!  Sherri's stamina needs work, Val said, and she said it was going to be Dead Sherri. 

Melissa danced a quickstep to a Billy Idol song and said she had dated him in the 80s.  Interesting.  Who would have guessed?  Maks was his usual tough teacher and told her to quit whining.  He complimented her, and she cried.  He said he couldn't win!  Good dance.  The judges all said her nervousness showed and that she danced better when she relaxed and let go.  Score:  20.  Carrie Ann and Bruno with 7 and Len with 6.

Jack and Anna did a jive, and he did well but not as much as last week.  He can hang in there and move!  He was definitely tired when it was over.  I would be dead after a few seconds.  All three judges gave 7 this time, so it was 21.

Wow, Gladys!  Her footwork was really good on the quickstep and she kept her energy throughout the dance.  The judges said her frame was too relaxed and that she needs to work on that.  Of course her musicality was good and she was light on her feet, they said.  Gladys said she'd never been nervous in her life until this show.  This time Len was 2 points less than the other two which gave her a 19.

I just love Tom Bergeron!  He is funny, keeps the show moving, defuses tension, and says just the right thing!

Katherine danced a fun jive.  Two out of three judges highly praised Mark's choreography and her kicks and flicks.  Len liked it but had a few critiques that are helpful for them to work on moving forward.  Wow!  Two 9s and an 8!  26!  High scores already this season!

Jaleel also danced the jive.  He can dance and did this well.  Better last week because this was like a relaxed jive but still good.  The judges agreed with me.  Their score was 22.

Maria and Derek's quickstep was energetic with good footwork and frame, except for a little segment.  Len said the quickstep is about balance, speed, and control, and that she had all of those. Their score was 25!  Len and Carrie Ann gave her 8 and Bruno 9.

Martina looks like herself during rehearsal.  They glam her up with makeup and hair.  She and Tony danced a jive that was sort of awkward and stiff.  Her costume was definitely not flattering at all.  She did seem to have fun but lost count some.  She might be the first to leave based on performance.  It's so hard to know how people will vote and what fan base they have.  Score was 17, so I might be right.

Donald's quickstep was lively with the good footwork we often see from football players.  Len said his performance was up there with the best tonight.  Bruno said it was refined and elegant.  Praise from Carrie Ann, too.  Score was 24.

Gavin had a lot of trouble during rehearsal for the jive.  He did pretty well.  It wasn't sharp and as energetic as it could have been.  The score was 21.

William the Hottie (but not even as sexy as Giles Marini who should have won his season) danced a quickstep well.  His partner Cheryl Burke will make sure he learns the dances!  Bruno said he reminds him of Jean DuJardin.  Is that spelling correct?  Carrie Ann and Bruno gave him 9 and Len a 7 which equals 25.  Carrie Ann and Bruno are infatuated. 

Scores are combined with last week's.  Then the audience votes.  We'll find out tomorrow night who is eliminated. 


froggy said...

good reporting!

David Dust said...

I might actually watch this season - just because of William Levy!


Sam said...

Martina is in good shape and I love her attitude. So different from her on court persona of past years. Sadly she will go if they vote based on dances.
Jaleel white is such a nice guy too.
William levy sucked this week. He had on to many clothes lol.
But the winner will be Roahan and Chelse.