Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still with the Storms

So far, so good with this round of tornadoes and torrential rain.  Again, trees had the most damage.  Schools were called off today because of a bridge being out and trees across roads.  The electricity stayed on here.  I still think the TV stations could scroll information along the bottom of the screen and break into shows briefly to give important warnings and news.  This constant coverage is too much.  We get it.  I for one can wait until the regular news reports to find out about a lot of this.  They say the same things over and over and interview people who don't say much. 

Last night was the last night of classes I've been auditing.  It's easy to get to know people in a writing class and to feel close to some of them.  Since it was a nonfiction creative writing class, we shared things from our lives with each other through our writing.  I enjoy auditing the classes and appreciate how welcome they've made me.  If any of them read my blog, I hope they'll comment.  (Melanie!)

There's one more class I plan to audit this summer and then no more unless Dr. Steve Ryan teaches one or another class seems interesting.  I like being in class just for the pleasure of learning and without the pressure of writing papers, taking tests, and being concerned about grades.  I read the books and joined the discussions and learned new things.

Vanderbilt and David Lipscomb are private universities that have classes for older students who are interested in various subjects.  I have considered taking those and might do it eventually.  I'd be with others around my age even though I've enjoyed being in class with students of different ages.  Also these are graduate English classes, and I'll probably audit more of those, too.  That's a good plan for state colleges and universities to offer those of us 60+ the opportunity to audit classes free.  Options!


froggy said...

First-er-ly I've been watching the weather and even looked up Dickison on the googles. So glad you've avoided this go round.

The Engineer and I were talking about this last night - what classes we want to take in a half a decade (sounds further away than 5 years).

We have a really nice community college here for art, craft, wood work, welding. We have a branch of the university we went to not so long ago (or at least it seems that way!).

Mind Of Mine said...

What is auditing?

Bob said...

Glad you're doing okay with all this nasty weather.
We're knocking wood down here that it hasn't affected us....yet?

Joy said...

To audit a class is to participate in discussions and reading but not to get any credit for it or grades. It depends on the professor and the one auditing how much or how little is involved. I always take notes and do the work. Since it's free for senior citizens, I am taking advantage of it.

Joy said...

Thanks, Froggy, for checking on me! Here are a couple of sites:

froggy said...

good grief! Floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes, PINK on a map. We are feeling scary if we get yellow around here. This has been a long week and still going!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

how did you fare through the latest round of storms? i can't believe how bad it was either- we also saw the pink and purple on the weather channel coverage....i hope everyone in your family and community is ok.