Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sam and I both have iPhones with access to Face Time calling.  When Brendan was here this weekend, I asked him if he'd like to talk to Sam on the phone where we could see him when we talked.  He said he would partly because he loves to have his picture taken and has never met a stage he didn't like.  So I got it set up after showing him pictures of Sam, Bill, and Max on Facebook.  He wanted to know why Sam used bad words to describe one of the photos.  I told him I didn't know and that he could ask him when we talked.  He asked when we were going to "see-call" Sam.  He made that up, and I like it since that's what it is.  When he asked Sam about the bad words, it was the only time I've seen Sam speechless.  Then he recovered and told Brendan that he has a potty mouth.  I hope Brendan won't use that as an excuse when he uses bad words - and he does! 

We made the see-call Sunday morning, and he had so much fun doing it.  When Sam called him Brendan, he was taken aback and gasped, "How do you know my name?"  I told him they had seen pictures of him like he saw theirs on FB.  Sam told him he was famous, which pleased him more, I'm sure.  Then when Sam asked him about my cat Brigit, Brendan asked how he knew about Brigit.  Then when Sam asked where Brigit was, Brendan said she hides from him.  This is true.  They give each other a wide berth.  They are a lot alike actually - both under foot, want what they want now, and much more.

Anyway, it was fun and hilarious!  If I could figure out how to get a video I accidentally made on here, I'd post it.  I can't email them to myself for some reason and keep getting a mail delivery notification.


froggy said...

How fun!
The other night we had Eldest up on the computer screen in the living room and just chatted on and off for about an hour.

(btw - glad those storms haven't edged over your way!)

Wonder Man said...

I haven't tried that yetschicsm

David Dust said...

I would have LOVED to have witnessed this.


Sam said...

Bill is still talking about Brendan too. It was hilarious to say the least. Call me I'll walk you through posting video.

Joy said...

Will do, Sam. Thanks!

Me too, Froggy! They're predicting them again tonight and tomorrow! Global warming makes ALL the storms worse as we've seen. Earth is tired of us.

WM, what's yetschicsm?

DD, you would have cracked up!! They were hilarious!