Monday, December 3, 2012


I've been watching the series Nashville mostly because it's filmed there, and it's fun to see familiar places and to try to figure out where some of the scenes are shot.  The Tennessean (Nashville daily paper) keeps track of the show and lets us know information about it, such as where they are filming and some inside stuff.  I also watch it because I like Connie Britton and loved Friday Night Lights, which she was on.  Callie Khouri created and produces the show.  She writes episodes and won an Oscar for screenwriting Thelma and Louise.  T. Bone Brunett, multiple Grammy winner and brilliant, is the executive music producer of Nashville.  I just recently learned that they are married, which I think is so cool!

They filmed at the actual Bluebird Cafe for the pilot but built an identical set when the show was picked up.  The Bluebird is a vital part of the Nashville music scene.  It's actually called a listening room, and customers/audience members are supposed to be quiet and listen during performances.  They are asked to be quiet and if they don't, are asked to leave.  Strict!  It shows respect for performers.  I like it.  Sometimes several singer/songwriters perform in the round and take turns singing their songs.  Their banter is fun to watch.

I'm glad Nashville is shown fairly accurately in many ways.  There are some things that fit in more in other places like L.A. since we don't have paparazzi bothering stars around here.  They are left alone and can go most places without incident.  They take their kids to school, grocery shop, eat out, and other regular things.  They cover that in the show except for the young country pop performer (Hayden Panettiere) who was dating a pro football player.  There seemed to be just one photographer who got them, though.  That seems about right.   It's mostly a night-time soap opera that is a lot about the music business and politics in all its forms. The actors do their own singing and have released an album.

Now you know.

 Bluebird website HERE


Bob said...

I was wondering if they filmed in the actual Bluebird, because I didn't think they cold do it and not disrupt business.

Um, wasn't the one photographer who snapped Juliet and her football player in Miami though? So, maybe Nashville's No Pas status is still good.

the dogs' mother said...

Lots of movies/shows film in Vancouver, BC and I do the same thing, look for landmarks and familiar places.

Joy said...

I was thinking that was shot when they left a club I am not familiar with in Nashville and that they went to Miami later. I'll check it out on On Demand. They needed the photo for the plot to move forward and then to see her pay off the photographer.