Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Patti Davis on the Republican Debate Last Week

The moment that would have broken my father's heart was the moment when applause broke out at the mention of more than 200 executions ordered by Rick Perry in Texas. It was stunning and brought tears to my eyes. This is what we've come to? That we applaud at executions?
I remember the first time my father ordered an execution when he was Governor. He and a minister went into a room, got down on their knees and prayed. The real shame of our times is that there doesn't seem to be anyone on the political horizon with that compassion in his or her heart.


Bob said...

I found that moment disgusting, too, and it says so much about the GOP and it's constituency.

froggy said...

We have so much to answer for in our prison system.

David Dust said...

These teabaggers love to talk about Ronald Reagan - but if The Gipper were around today, he would be driven out of the current Republican party for being "too liberal".