Monday, September 26, 2011

DWTS 13 - Week 2

I have to say right at the beginning that I just love Carson Kressley and have ever since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was on, so I'm pulling for him to stick around as long as possible.  I also like his professional teacher/partner Anna Trebunskaya.

The dances tonight are the Quick Step and the Jive.  Both are fast and difficult to do well.  I got the team names from the DWTS website. 

Hope and Maks are first and dance the jive.  It was fun and had a soccer theme.  The judges said she needed to spend more time working on her dancing.  Hope said soccer and dance kicks are two entirely different things.  Her body is amazing.  I said last week that she has 0% body fat with extremely toned muscles!  What she wore this week was revealing and showed her abs and back, so no one could help notice.  Score for Team MakSolo was 19.  Maks might be solo before we're ready for it.  No!! 

Kristin and Mark's quick step had a Marilyn Monroe vibe as they danced to "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."  Team KristinBalls was lively and entertaining with praise from the judges except for Len who still gave them a "well done."  Their score was 22

David and Kym did a sparkly gold jive that was stronger on enthusiasm than technique.  Courtney Cox and their daughter CoCo were at the table with David's sister Rosanna and someone I didn't recognize.  I hope he gets to stay a while longer because he is sweet and entertaining.  Score for Team GoodTimes was 18.

Elisabetta and Val had issues during rehearsal.  Val sounds just like Maks when he's teaching her the dances.  I keep trying to figure out what George Clooney saw in her for two years other than her looks.  She's definitely high-maintenance and doesn't dance that well which leads to some of my theories about dancing and sex.  I'll just say she's a dead dance.  Not too much longer for DWTS Team Valisabetta's score was surprisingly 21.

Rob and Cheryl danced a surfer jive.  Rob smiles enthusiastically and does pretty well.  His mother and frozen-faced from botox and surgery step-father Bruce Jenner cheered him on.  Carrie Ann said it's official that he dances better than Kim.  Remember when she was on there for a couple of weeks?  Me either.  Score for Team CherBert is also 21.

Carson and Anna did the quick step.  Last week they were so popular and entertaining that they did the encore dance!  This quick step was colorful with bright crayon hues in their costumes.  I believe we're going to hear "better on enthusiasm than skill" again.  This was a bit awkward for the quick step which is supposed to be lively and controlled.  Len said the worst dancers this season are the most entertaining.  Team CarsonAnna had scores that reflected his lack of technique and totaled 18.  That's about what I thought.

Ricki and Derek danced the jive with a 20's theme.  Ricki had trouble with endurance and stamina and asked how Kirstie Alley managed to do it.  Team DRickilous did a lot of bump and grind with enthusiasm and energy.  Bruno said Ricki's kicks and flicks were the only ones done right all evening and Carrie Ann said best jive of the night.  Ricki said she's lost weight and 12 inches so far.  Their score was 23

Chaz and Lacey danced the quick step.  Chaz said he was afraid his knees would blow or that he'd literally pass out.  Chaz lumbered through the pain with determination and charm.  Bruno said it was like watching a little Ewok dance with Princess Leia which was cute and lovely but that the quick step had to be lively and this was too slow.  Team Schwaz shouldn't be on too much longer but might because of the fan base he and Cher have.  Score was 17

Chynna and Tony danced a jive. She did well but seems sort of restrained in a way.  The judges said it was "polite" and not enthusiastic enough.  Team ChynnaDove had a score of 21

Nancy and Tristan danced a quick step.  She shut down during rehearsal and quit speaking for a while.  They talked it out and got past it.  Her technique was awkward but had good footwork.  Len said this dance followed the rules and was a proper quick step.  She had a Janet Jackson type of wardrobe malfunction, but Tom Bergeron stepped in front of her and the camera panned away while she adjusted herself.  He said that would be fine on the European version.  Team MacGrace had a score of 21.  Len gave them an 8! 

J. R. and Karina did a lively and entertaining jive that was really good.  J.R.'s foot work was great, his stage presence engaging, and his musicality right on!  The judges praised them.  Carrie Ann, the lift police, had to point that out, and Len said it was a Lindy Hop instead of a jive.  Standing O from the audience!  Score for Team Martinoff was 22

Now let the voting begin!  It's hard to tell this early who will stay and who won't.  Voters as we know are a fickle lot. 


froggy said...

Went and voted for Hope!
Loved Carson's dance - he is such a sweetie and so much fun. Trying to stay up to see them all tonight.

Sam said...

Team MacGrace is toast!!!

Bob said...

I watched Chaz and felt bad for him, but he still got some votes from Smallville.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the most entertaining "stars" aren't the best dancers this season. I think Chyna dances beautifully but it's boring to watch. A lot of the praise and the blame lies with the choreography. I want Hope to go home tonight.