Friday, March 25, 2011

Header Design

Anyone know what that is up there?  Melissa suggested that my granddaughter Kelsey make a circle inversion fractal for her calculus project for pi day (3-14).  Of course I had no idea what that was and never took calculus since it wasn't offered in my school.  I do know about pi because I did have four years of math in high school.  At our school that involved Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry and Trigonometry (semester of each).  I had a slide rule and knew how to use it!  Actually, I had two of them a regular rectangular one and a round one.  Anyway, I googled "circle inversion fractal" and thought they were pretty.  So now I have one on the header of my blog whatever they are.  I'm not willing to try to learn that math.  

Here are some others.  Some of them look like jewelry, a kaleidoscope, or other pretty designs.  Who knew math is involved?  Well, Melissa.  She's incredibly intelligent and reads physics books for pleasure.  It's amazing how much stuff she knows.  

I just read Mrs. Miss A's blog and noticed that she knows about fractals.  Shout out to you, MMA!


Kailyn said...

I was a geek. I took calculus in high school. I understood about half of the year which is why I should have taken the AC AP test instead of the BC. But my school only offered the BC -- and I didn't pass it. Which is how I took the first quarter calculus class (for engineering and physical science majors even though I wasn't) and got an A. Without doing homework. Without attending classes. Only showing up for quizzes and tests.

But yeah, fractals. Reminds me of a problem from calculus involving a pool formed in a perfect ellipse. Or maybe it reminds me of one of my BFFs from back then -- and still a current one -- who can seamlessly explain to me the math behind the image.

Long way around. They're beautiful.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

thanks for the shout out! when i get my other elbow tattooed, this is the image that i will base the design on:

there is a great book all this called chaos by james gleick-


Chris said...

you fractaliscious lady you :)