Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Depressed State

Bob had a post about more oppressive and crappy bills TN state legislators introduced.  This one is anti-gay.  They're also trying to do the same thing to us that WI is doing.  There's going to be a rally Saturday in Nashville at the capitol building to protest them, and I hope it helps.  For those of you who think of TN as a total Red State, that's why the electoral college needs to be abolished because that's how ours go.  However, for the first time in 40 years, we now have a Republican majority in the state legislature.  This means that not only will the bastards pass some horrible laws but will have the opportunity to gerrymander the districts for an even bigger advantage.  The governor is Bill Haslam, Republican who owns all those Pilot gas stations and truck stops.  We're doomed.


Bob said...

What I love is how the GOP said they were all about jobs and the economy and yet they haven't done one thing about jobs and the economy, unless you count their meaningless repeal of health care vote and their tax cuts for the rich.

WV is "comin" as in 'a change is comin''

froggy said...

I wonder just how they think they are going to enforce this? An electronic monitor in every classroom?

Sam said...

Americans are stupid. Yes I said it. And I don't give a shit how ignorant I sound. It's a fact.