Friday, November 30, 2012

The View

First of all, I don't know why I even watch The View sometime because they get on my nerves, but I do it anyway periodically.  I like Whoopi and Joy (in that order) and nearly always agree with them.  Barbara drives me crazy when she's on and gets on my nerves even more than Elisabeth does.  Barbara is all about what all she's done, who she's interviewed, and who she knows.  She interrupts Whoopi more than she does the others and is condescending to her.  I think she's jealous because Whoopi has worked with and knows so many of the guests, who seem genuinely glad to see her.  Also Barbara makes inappropriate comments that are conversation stoppers.  I like the show much better when she's not on it.  Wish she'd quit showing up on there.  

Elisabeth gets a high-horse attitude and smug expression on her face when she quotes Fox News.  Sometimes she is reasonable and OK.  Sherri comes from out there somewhere for her opinions and guidelines for life.  They are another story.   I've been watching The Talk instead sometimes.  They don't interrupt each other.  All that interrupting and talking over each other on The View makes me crazy!  It's so rude, and I can't hear what they are saying when they do that. 

Yes, I know.  If they bother me so much, why do I watch?  No good answer for that except that I like Whoopi and Joy.  Most of the time that's not quite enough though. 


Bob said...

Joy Joy Joy.
I could have written this because I agree with you 110%!!

the dogs' mother said...

I'm a bad tv watcher. We got out of the habit of network tv when our system failed to include it for several years. Only you, Joy, got us back for the season of Dancing with the Stars that Hope Solo was on.
(And having been in the news lately I'm worried about Hope!) said...

Althought I like Whoopie and Joy, I cannot watch The View. The mere sight of Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes my blood pressure rise, her whiny voice makes my ears bleed and her smug superiority makes me want to slap her.

mistress maddie said...

Now this is a funny post! I dont watch either it reminds me of a hen house

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I hate when they shout over each other, and when they ask questions and then don't give the guest open air to answer without interruptions. It's like leading the witness.