Sunday, September 2, 2012

This 'n That

I've had company all week.  My college roommate Barb was here from Sunday through Wednesday and drove me to a couple of appointments I had.  She also vacuumed, dusted, and did some things I am not supposed to do yet.  We had a great time visiting and catching up.  She brought potato and beef vegetable soup, and we ate out for other meals except breakfast.  We had Mexican, Japanese, and American.

Then my daughter Kathy came Wednesday through Friday.  She drove me to my regular appointment with my internal medicine doctor.  Excellent report!  I've lost 14 lbs. since my last appointment with him three months ago with most of it lost while I was on the hospital food diet and the no-appetite diet once I got home.  That has changed now, but I am still trying to lose more.  All my numbers were good, and I want to keep them that way. 

Once my chest quits hurting and the sternum is healed, I can exercise and do more.  I won't start cardiac rehab until after I see the surgeon September 20.  That should make a difference in my energy level, which is already better now that my heart is working correctly.  Recovery is going better than I expected.  I can get out and do things as long as someone else drives and have to be careful about lifting, pushing, and pulling.  Otherwise, I can do most things.  Good news! 


Bob said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend and doing so well.
Keep it up!

Ken Riches said...

Keep up the great work.

the dogs mother said...

All good news and so glad to hear it. You'll be ready to dance along with the stars... start with tapping feet and snapping fingers ;-)

mrs.missalaineus said...

this fabulous news!