Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wagons are to Fall Off

As with all the other diets I've been on, this one didn't last either.  I can't quit you!  LOL 


froggy said...

I have been off wheat for a couple months now. I think it is working!

Joy said...

I've been thinking about doing that. Are you using other kinds of flour, etc, or leaving it all off entirely?

froggy said...

There are different ways to do it. More weight to loose stay off all grains for a while. Some folks do a paleo version using almond flour (*not* low calorie!) For Thanksgiving and Christmas I used a gluten free flour from King Arthurs (a brown rice blend) that is substituted one for one and worked great.
This blog is written by the author of the book
reading thru it is really interesting and gives a crash course.
Basically wheat has been so modified that it causes a lot of problems.
I noticed, on my own, that sometimes I just felt slimmer in the morning. Checked what I ate and those were the wheat free dinners. (Always eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch so knew it was dinner only.) When I read about the book it made sense so ordered the book.
Since I need to be carb cautious anyway this is an easy way to do it.
My bloodwork and bp went way down. May also be due to a new med but I wonder... Next test may tell more.

David Dust said...

I've been bad this weekend. It all started with that damn beer on Thursday night...


mistress maddie said...

Auntie, while not dieting, I did give up black meat for lent. Did you? lol,lol,lol,lol,lol

Joy said...

Honey, I gave that up ages ago, unfortunately! (sigh) Sing along with me now - "Memory - All alone in the moonlight - I can smile at the old days ... "

Froggy, thanks so much for that information. I'm going to do this now and look forward to my next check-up. Who knows what might happen when I feel good and have a waist again! I'll give up wheat for Lent as a start.