Sunday, June 19, 2011


The weekend is going pretty well with Little Bossy Pants.  It's always a challenge!  I never know what to expect next.  We watched Sam's video and couldn't understand what anyone was saying.  Brendan said it needed subtitles.  We have been to Mother's a while yesterday and today, and then all of us went to Las Fajitas for dinner.  That's where we play Trivia on Tuesday nights.  Paige and I have gone the last four weeks.  Her daughter Virginia was with us the first week.  (3rd place)  Then Carl joined us the next time with just the three of us.  (3rd place again)  Week before last we were joined by my brother Butch, his son Andy, his nephew and my former student Jay, and Tina.  (2nd place) Then last week it was just Paige, Carl, Tina and me.  We sucked that time.  Depends on the questions.  It's so much fun, and we're getting to know other groups.  Brian, Melissa, and Brendan are planning to join us when they can.  Either all three or the two guys.

Brendan will be here until Monday morning. Brian is going to meet us in Clarksville at APSU where Tina and I are taking our class.  I'll have a nice, long nap Monday afternoon!  :-)


froggy said...

busy, busy, busy!!

mistress maddie said...

I bet you will enjoy that nap sister!