Monday, December 13, 2010


It snowed all night but quit sometime early this morning, I guess. The sun is out and the snow on the street in front of my house is melting and clear. The forecast calls for sleet and more snow Wednesday. Let's hope for snow only and no ice! After that ice storm in '94, we never want to experience that again! I discovered that everything I like to do involves electricity. Yes, even reading since I couldn't do that after dark. I tried with a flashlight, but that's not really sustainable for very long. All kinds of food had to be thrown out, too. I'll never forget the sounds the trees made cracking and breaking. Straight up - NO ICE!!

Here is what my patio table looked like during the night and then again this morning. When compared with the photo from yesterday, you can see that we had from 2-4" of snow here. Quite lovely!


froggy said...

We, despicable teenagers that we were, my brother and I, used to ring the doorbell, after an ice storm, and watch the family dachshund race out the door, slide down three steps, bump, bump, bump, hit the sidewalk, slide down, reach the street sidewalk, make a right hand turn and slide down the hill. It was the right hand turn and progress that always cracked us up and got us into trouble with our mother.

Berry Blog said...

I just love your little tract of land. I would want to mess with it, and yet feel it is ideal the way it is.
...and I love froggy's response. I can picture it all now.