Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Real-Life Trivia

Last night The Stationary Bikers rode to victory!  We had some old and new members on our team and split off from the Smart Aces since we had eight.  More than that makes it hard to communicate.  We were in the noisy room sandwiched between the Budweismen (former Smart Aces, Sylvia Plath's Oven Mitt, Amelia Earhart's GPS, & Bell Jars, which was the name a couple of friends and I began) and the Frying Pans (formerly Nobody Likes a Smart Ace, etc.)  The noise level was horrendous!  The tables on each side of us had loud laughers and drinkers.  You know how it is when you aren't drinking and others are?  Well no, some of you don't, *cough* David and Maddie!  :-)

Anyway, Tim the Moderator plays loud music after he asked the question, so we can discuss our answers before writing them on the little papers provided to turn in to him.  We write ours down to show each other and agree or not, even though it's generally too loud to hear each other, much less understand what people at the other tables are saying.  My ears were still ringing for a while after I got home to my silent house.  I also had the added experience of Brendan talking constantly to me and hanging on my arm.

Despite all this, we managed to get our answers turned in.  Paige and Carl, Brian and Brendan, my brother Butch, Jennifer and Eric were the team, which made us heavy on the history side of things with a couple of English majors thrown in.  Carl, the engineer, came through on the 20-point question at the end, which asked in what city is the main street O'Connell, which put us comfortably in first place.  Somehow we came up with 4 out of 5 Katy Perry songs that tied her with Michael Jackson to have five #1 hits from the same album.  I even knew one of them from when I was keeping up with the Billboard charts.  Those were regular questions for a while.  It was a good night for asking things we knew.

Brain Blast Trivia has a page HERE on Facebook for those of you on there who might want to check it out.  We post our progress and comments now and then.  We had a great time but will not sit there again!  I enjoy the friendly competition and camaraderie.  Winning is a bonus for sure!


the dogs' mother said...

much applause!!!

David Dust said...

LOLOLOLOLOL - I resemble that comment!!!

Congrats on the win!!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Congrats on the win! Wish I were there to play- though by the end of the night I would probably be too dronk to contribute many answers!